GORE R5 Women WINDSTOPPER® Long Sleeve shirt


The R5 Women Gore Windstopper Long Sleeve Shirt is a wonderfully versatile top layer, ideal for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, whether that is running on the roads or trails, commuting by bike or recreational rides.  It offers great protection from the cold and wind, with excellent breathability, all in a relaxed fit which allows for unrestricted movement.


GORE R5 Women WINDSTOPPER® Long Sleeve shirt  - A versatile shirt that works equally well for running and commuting by bike, with high tech fabrics and packed full of features


The R5 Women Gore Windstopper Long Sleeve Shirt is not cycling specific, it is actually from from Gore’s Running range, but there are definite cross over properties and since we love kit that is versatile, we were keen to try it out on the bike, as well as when running.


So we put this lovely shirt through its paces on weekend runs as well as during the daily commute on the bike and found it really came into its own when the temperatures were between four and eight degrees, especially when there was a biting wind trying to spoil things for us.  Most of the warmth comes from Gore’s lightweight and breathable Polartec PowerGrid fabric, which they have combined with their tried and tested Windstopper fabric to give total protection from the wind.  We found it worked well with just a single base layer – we were never cold nor did we over-heat when the pace picked up.  When the temperatures dropped under four degrees we simply doubled up on the base layers and since there is plenty of room under the shirt, this was easily possible.


The R5 Women Gore Windstopper Long Sleeve Shirt is billed as being “water repellent” rather than waterproof and fair play to Gore, they do not try to over-promise here.  If you want genuinely water proof kit their Shakedry range has to be worn to be believed.  Nevertheless, the R5 shirt stood up to light drizzle and the windproof properties meant we did not get really cold when we got caught out and ending up a little bit wet.


The design of the R5 Women Gore Windstopper Long Sleeve Shirt is relaxed, which is a giveaway to its running pedigree, but Gore have still managed to make the cut feminine and flattering.  The colour options which have contrasting panels down the sides of the body really make the most of this design – we had the hibiscus pink/red on test and really loved it.  Cleverly, they have incorporated seam free sides to ensure there is no chafing whatever you get up to and there are two useful, zipped side pockets which we found to be spot on; sufficient for a wallet, loose change, keys and even a smart phone. 


We tested a medium and found that the fit was great, there were no issues with the sleeve length and the body was perfect too.  And despite the looser fit, we never had any issues with the jacket swinging round or riding up either, no need for silicone grippers here.  In particular our tester commented that the line of the hem is nicely cut - slightly lower at the front and rear, and as such it accentuates the feminine figure well.  If you want to seal yourself up against the elements a bit more, there is an elastic toggle which tightens the hem of the jacket but we rarely used it, because we found that leaving it loose gave the best possible lower back protection.


For the amount of warmth and wind protection offered, the R5 Women Gore Windstopper Long Sleeve Shirt is exceptionally light and it packs down pretty small too.  This is worth knowing if you are a bit of an adventurer, because we think it will make a great bit of touring kit: it performs exceptionally well on the bike but doesn’t scream cyclist when you step off the bike.  In other words you won’t stand out like a sore thumb if you stroll into a shop, café or pub!


The super-lightweight warmth and wind protection offered by the R5 Women Gore Windstopper Long Sleeve Shirt is not cheap at £159.99 but, if like our tester, you are a daily commuter on the bike and a runner or bike tourer you will have so many opportunities to wear it that you will quickly consider it an investment.


Colours: Terra grey/black, Deep water blue/cloudy blue, Hibiscus pink/chestnut red

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: £159.99

Website: www.gorewear.com R5-women-gore-windstopper-long-sleeve


Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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