Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey


The Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey is a fabulously versatile option for women wanting an understated, high performance, lightweight top in a relaxed fit.


Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey


The first thing that we noticed about the Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey was its figure skimming, non-restrictive fit.  So many garments are marketed as ‘race-fit’ now and, let’s be honest, not everyone wants this.  There is still a nicely feminine cut to the jersey but it doesn’t feel tight anywhere, which we loved.  And although it isn’t a super-snug fit, it doesn’t slip around either, the design of the jersey combined with the brushed interior, which clings to a base layer, means that we found it stayed perfectly in place.  All of that and the super soft fabric feels great against the skin.


The greatest triumph of this jersey is its versatility.  We’ve enjoyed using the Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 in a variety of conditions.  It works really well as a top layer over a single base in temperatures around 7-10 degrees.  That was a pleasant surprise because it is very thin and lightweight, and we were genuinely impressed that nothing more was needed to keep us warm although we should have known better because we have been surprised by the warmth of lightweight Craft kit before.  On colder days, when it dipped down to 5 degrees and below we found we needed additional layers but loved just how adaptable the jersey is.  It’s generous enough to fit a second base layer underneath, or we found it just as easy to wear it as a mid-layer under a thicker winter jacket, or even a waterproof.


Layering clothing like this in cold weather is a good option as you have a greater degree of control over body temperature than is possible with one single thick winter jacket.  The Velo Thermal 2.0 is absolutely perfect for layering and it did an awesome job at regulating body temperature, so we didn’t find ourselves building up excessive moisture inside the jersey, probably due to the fact that it doesn’t boast windproof or waterproof properties.


The Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey is wonderfully understated in terms of design.  The fabric itself is a combination of polyester and elastane, which gives a super-soft, highly stretchy feel. There is no silicone gripping around the base hem, just a simple doubling up of the fabric.  The generous sleeves end in deep cuffs, which are a good length and come with perfectly elasticated tension, which we found sits well under a glove to very effectively help keep cold air out.  Overall, it is quietly stylish and we liked that.


The collar height is also spot on and Craft have included a zip port to tuck the zip-pull into when it is fully done up to protect your neck/chin. The patterned weave of the fabric is attractively subtle and there are enough reflective details to help with visibility from all sides.


The Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey has a single, zip-up, rear pocket.  It does have interior stitching to split it into two compartments – useful for separating items out – and it is a great size for a phone, keys and some food but it became a bit of a challenge to accommodate everything we wanted for a long winter ride if we packed a gilet or rain jacket too.


Overall, we loved the rather old school, stripped back design and the fact that the Craft Women’s Velo Thermal 2.0 Jersey works really well in so many conditions.  With a below average price tag we definitely reckon this is an investment piece, as it can be worn in at least three of the four seasons and will still be useful in summer as the top we reach for when heading out on colder early summer mornings for training or commuting.


Sizes : XS-XL

Colour: Black, Tune (a deep purple)

Price: £65 (just £42.25 on Wiggle at the moment)

Website: Craft-womens-velo-thermal-jersey-2.0


Performance: 9/10

Value for Money :9/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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