GOREĀ® C5 Women Bib Shorts+


The GORE® C5 Women Bib Shorts+ offer truly outstanding levels of comfort and this, combined with the zipped system for quick and easy bio breaks, puts them at the top of our list of all time cycling kit favourites.


The GORE® C5 Women Bib Shorts+ offer truly outstanding levels of comfort and this combined with the zipped system for quick and easy bio breaks, put them at the top our all time favourite list of cycling kit


We had to look back at our notes to confirm it has been a couple of years since we tested a pair of bib tights from Gore.  The reason we had to check was because we still have a pair in regular use and it turns out these date back a couple of seasons now.  There are two reasons for telling you this, the first is to say they have worn incredibly well and are still looking like new (you really do get what you pay for with Gore), the second reason is to say the new Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ look and feels very different.


We loved the old version, so when Gore offered us the C5 Bib Shorts+ to test we didn’t hesitate but we honestly expected they would be very similar to the old favourites we have been enjoying day in and day out for quite a while now.  How wrong were we?!  The look and feel of the new Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ really is quite different, with a number of features included afresh or upgraded – yes the best just got even better.


The Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ are billed as being for the “serious cyclist” and we define serious as anyone who takes themselves seriously.  You don’t need to be training or racing like a pro to be deserving of the very best – we think everyone deserves great kit which performs at the highest level and offers great comfort on the bike hour after hour.  So whatever your aspirations, the Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ are a great choice.


Gore always design their female kit from first principles and so the fit and feel of the C5 Bib Shorts+ is, as expected, truly excellent.  They are designed to fit the female form, with leg panels that defy the norm and seam placement that works perfectly to feel great and keep the legs perfectly in place, which in our experience is exactly what they do.  This is helped by the addition of a wide band of fabric around the leg ends which are just grippy enough to keep the legs exactly where you place them but without any restriction around the quads or nasty hems.


GORE® C5 Women Bib Shorts+


The C5 Bib Shorts+ incorporate Gore’s patented zip system which allows for quick and easy toilet breaks, so you get the fabulous look and feel of bib shorts but without the faff when you need to relieve yourself.  Gore’s system, using two zips which open from the centre of the back outwards to just above the hip, to then allow the bottom area to be pulled down is, in our opinion, the best out there.  It makes these shorts the only choice for long training rides, sportives or touring.


The Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ use the Advanced Road Women’s pad along with their special WINDSTOPPER® Cup which represents an upgrade since we last reviewed bibs from Gore.  We had no issues with the original pad so imagine our delight in finding out that the Advanced Road pad offers even better comfort and we have been wearing it for some really long hours in the saddle just to make sure.  We haven’t had a chance to test the WINDSTOPPER® Cup in these shorts, because the weather has been rather glorious while we have had them on test, but we know from experience (it is a feature in the GORE C3 Women Thermo Bib Tights+ we have worn all winter) that this is a nice addition, that adds to the comfort when the temperatures are lower.


Also uprated this year for the Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ is the bib system itself.  The lovely people at Gore have gone all out for comfort and redesigned the bibs which now come up from the lower back in a single panel of highly ventilated mesh material, which splits over the shoulders and then forms two wide, soft straps which drop to the waist at the front.  These are clipped together just above the waist and the overall effect is as comfortable and secure as anything we have ever worn.


As well as the ventilated bib straps, the Gore C5 Bib Shorts+ now have a panel of ventilated material over the stomach area.  This allows the shorts to finish higher up the body than others and this adds to the second skin like feel.  It gives the shorts great stability and there is absolutely no rolling or rucking of the fabric over the waist, but critically, this is achieved without adding weight or making them feel too hot.


Throw in some reflective details as a nod to overall visibility and we were left wanting for nothing.  If the price tag seems high put it in the context of the most expensive bib shorts, of which there are several options over £200.  What we know is that GORE® C5 Women Bib Shorts+ will deliver outstanding comfort and performance for several seasons, without ever looking tired and for us they are worth every penny.


The GORE® C5 Women Bib Shorts+ are currently our favourite shorts thanks to the wonderful fit and feel, the high performance pad, quick and easy zipped system for toilet breaks and redesigned bib straps – in our opinion there isn’t another pair of bibs which offer all of these features quite so elegantly and so we have awarded a rare 10 out of 10 for performance.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: black

Price: £119.99

Website: www.gorewear.com C5-women-bib-shorts


Performance: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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