Smith Attack Max


The Smith Attack Max glasses are a truly aspirational option that do much more than simply shield your eyes.  The optical clarity is second to none, with lenses that give excellent coverage and can be swapped using a system which is as beautiful as it is simple.


Smith Attack Max


We are uncompromising with the optics we use on the bike, we never ride without glasses whether we are indoors on the velodrome or outside in rain or shine, and whatever we choose has to deliver against very high expectations.  It is probably a reflection of those expectations that we have not reviewed many options – we always tell it like it is in our reviews and with glasses in particular there is no room for platitudes.


The people at Smith however felt so confident their Attack Max glasses would not only meet but exceed our expectations that they invited us to try a pair.  Having had them on test for a few months now we can see why, they are a really beautifully made and well thought out, with a visual acuity which has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.


Let’s start with the lenses in the Smith Attack Max glasses because this is the heart of the matter and in our opinion no clever design features can overcome poor vision.  The Smith Attack Max glasses come with two lens options, both of which give great coverage to the eyes whether you are on the drops or the tops, and use their proprietary ChomaPop Lens.  This lens technology filters out two specific wavelengths of light so that the eye can see red, green and blue without any cross over and the effect of this is greater definition, with natural colour and enhanced clarity. 


Smith Optics Attack


Seeing is believing with the Smith Attack Max glasses and what we noticed when we were wearing them is that we saw everything in fabulous clarity and colour, and surprisingly the mirrored lens works equally well in the low light environment of the velodrome as it does on a bright sunny day out on the road.  Of course we could have used the Rose Flash lens indoors but we are track cyclists through and through, so obviously we did not want anyone to be able to see our eyes!  We have used the Rose Flash lens on the road though and found it gave awesome definition and clarity, as well as a slight “warm up” filter, which to be honest we rather missed when we took them off at the end of a ride … rose tinted specs took on a whole meaning for us.


With an exquisite attention to detail the ChromoPop lenses have a hydroleophobic coating – try getting that on the Scrabble board.  This treatment combines hydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (oil repellant) properties, meaning water disperses quickly and finger prints can be wiped away with ease too.  Critically, we did not have any issues with the lenses fogging up under any conditions either.


It is worth mentioning at this point that changing the lenses in the Smith Attack Max glasses could not be more simple and is rather satisfying too.  The system works around a strong magnet on the end of the arm which secures around the lens, simply bend the arm back at the lens end and it pops open and can be pulled away from the lens.  The nose piece is removed with a squeeze, then both arms and nose piece slide onto the new lens and Bob’s your uncle.  Nothing we have tested before comes close to this for ease or speed and the system is super secure too.


We were also impressed by the fit of the Smith Attack Max glasses.  Our tester has a small head and often has issues with glasses slipping down her nose.  This was never an issue with the Smith Attack Max, no matter how sweaty we got, because the shape of the arms gives a very comfortable but reassuringly firm grip on a range of head sizes.  Key to the fit is the nose piece, which has two settings and makes it perfect on narrow and broad noses.  For additional security, the arms and nose pads are covered in megol rubber, which is nice and grippy, even when wet with sweat or rain.


And finally the Max bit in the Smith Attack Max, in case you were wondering, refers to the larger lenses used which gives a relatively high brow line, not high enough to interfere with any helmet we have tried them with but what you do get is wonderful eye coverage, even when you are low on the drops or in a TT position.  The same is true of the coverage at the sides, giving great peripheral vision.  However, if you prefer a smaller lens, there is a non-Max version, simply named the Smith Attack which has the same beautiful ChromoPop lens tech and features as the Max.


Let’s be honest, this is not a cheap option but we simply don’t do cheap when it comes to optics.  In our opinion the Smith Attack Max glasses are in investment piece and we think we’re worth it.  Perhaps more to the point, if you look after them they will last you for years and years, and you can enjoy visual clarity that is second to none, with a lens changing process elegant and effective.  We honestly could not find any fault with these beautiful glasses and have therefore awarded a rare 10 out of 10 for flawless performance.  It goes without saying these optics look and work really well with the Smith Trace Helmet.


Frame colours: 9 options including several black and white options and colours including Red Rock and Matte Jade, Gravy or Citron


Lens options: All ChromoPop and the case includes one coloured lens, either Green Mirror, Red Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Platinum, Black or Photochromic PLUS ChromoPop Rose


Case: Hard case with zip, plus soft cloth bag, which doubles as a cleaning cloth


Weight: 32g


Price: RRP £190.00




Performance: 10/10 – yes these are perfect!

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by the very lucky Jan Birkmyre



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