dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter Bib Tight


The dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter Bib Tight is a great option for the coldest days and the longest rides, with a top quality pad plus windproof and water resistant panels, all in a form fitting design, these bibs keep you warm whatever the weather throws at you.




If you want to train consistently through the winter months you need the right kit – there are no good compromises at this time of year – and paying a little bit more for the right quality is an investment rather than a luxury.  And that is where dhb come in – they allow you to buy really well thought out pieces, made with high tech fabrics and packed with great features without breaking the bank. 


There are several different ranges within the dhb brand and the dhb Aeron LAB range is at the very top of this.  It was launched after two years of development work, including many hours of testing out on the road with pro-cyclists and brings together innovative fabrics, put together using new techniques.  This range promises to meet the expectations of the most discerning cyclist and in our experience it is a really high quality offer. 


We have been testing the dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter Bib Tights for a couple of months now and find ourselves reaching for them when the conditions are at their worst, because these tights offer standout protection from cold weather, wind and rain.  They are recommended for “proper” winter riding, by that we mean training in temperatures between 0-12 Celsius and the key to the protection they offer thanks to a combination of Polartec® Windbloc, which has been used for a panel that covers the knees, the quads and wraps around to cover the lower back, while the back of the legs and lower legs are make from Miti thermal fabric. 


This rather clever design minimises the restriction that comes as standard with wind proof fabric, which is by nature less stretchy than the thermal, fleece backed fabric that is the mainstay of winter clothing.  In the past we have found windproof tights are either poor fitting and baggy, or too tight and restrictive, but with the clever combination of windproof panels with more stretchy fabrics, dhb have done a great job with these bibs.  That said, we found ourselves comfortable wearing a size larger than we would usually choose and there was still a little tightness over the knee when pedalling. 


dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter Bib Tight


However, if you are looking for protection from the elements then without a doubt, the windproof panels in the dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter Bib Tights are seriously effective.  The fabric is made up of a micro-porous laminate between a durable outer layer and lofted inner fibres and we found it very effective at keeping the wind out while offering real warmth.  It also proved to be nicely water resistant, so while they do not keep you dry on the wettest of days, they certainly keep out light rain and if (or should we say when) you do get caught in a real down pour, the windproof nature of the fabric proved to be a lifesaver on a day when we might otherwise have given up the will to live.


And it is not just about feeling comfortable, if you are struggling to keep warm on the bike you will be using up extra energy that you would otherwise use to turn the pedals and not feeling chilled to the bone gives a big boost to your mental resilience too.


Of course keeping you warm is only half of the challenge and we are pleased to report that the surprisingly lightweight fabrics used for the dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter Bib Tights are also very breathable, we found they worked hard to move heat and moisture away from the body when we picked up the pace, meaning the overall performance is excellent.


As you would expect the dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter bib tights have a top dollar pad – for us this is a make or break feature – and dhb’s Elastic Interface® Road Performance Chamois Pad is really comfortable and recommended for rides up to seven hours.  That’s a long time to be in the saddle but the promise of high density inserts in all the right places gave us support and cushioning, so there were no painful pressure points.  In truth we have ridden for hours and hours with dhb pads over the years and never had an issue, so it was no surprise to find this one worked well for us, even though our winter rides are longer than anything we do in summer. 


The overall fit of the dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter bib tights is second skin like, there is no excess fabric and the result is figure hugging and aero – just the way we like it.  The other features that we liked were the wide, soft and very stretchy bib straps, which have proved really comfortable, and the legs are nicely finished with a wide cuff of elasticated fabric that keeps them perfectly in place, without any feeling of constriction and no fiddly zips either.  Finally, we give a big thumbs up to dhb for adding more than the usual token offering of reflectives, in fact they have really gone to town and sewn them into seams on the hips, knees and lower legs.


dhb have always offered some great kit options but with the dhb Aeron LAB range they have stepped it up to another level.  This range is all about performance, using high tech fabrics and designed for performance but with no compromise on comfort.  If you struggle with motivation during the very coldest and wettest winter months the dhb Aeron LAB Women's All Winter bib tights might be just what you need, an investment piece that will keep you comfortable right the way through winter.  Wind proof and water resistant, these bibs really pack a punch when it comes to keeping you warm on the bike but which also prove fabulously breathable once you start picking up the tempo.


Sizes: 8-16

Colours: Black

Price: RRP £150

Weblink: www.wiggle.co.uk dhb Aeron LAB Womens All Winter bib tight


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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