nuud, the Dutch company offering fully sustainable anti-odorant alternative to traditional deodorants, is expanding with the launch of a brand new product on Kickstarter from today, April 7th.


nuud fully sustainable anti-odorant alternative to traditional deodorants


If you haven’t already heard of them then we’ll quickly bring you up to date; nuud is an alternative to deodorant that is fully sustainable and following launch has sold over a quarter-million tubes.


What’s the buzz about nuud?  Well it is an alternative to deodorant that contains no aluminium, parabens, petrochemicals or any other chemicals.  There are no salts, no cheap perfume and no cruelty either and because it comes in a tube - a bioplastic tube made from sugarcane to be precise – there are no propellants or canisters either.


Nuud is not an anti-perspirant, it does not stop the body from sweating (that would is so wrong) nor does it mask odour, it actually uses micro silver particles to prevent odour in the same way that some clothing manufacturer now use silver to reduce odour from their garments.  The cream has a neutral smell and is slightly white in colour but crucially, it is guaranteed to be stain free.


nuud fully sustainable anti-odorant alternative to traditional deodorants


nuud tell you a little bit will go a long way.  That was something we had to learn for ourselves because you really do only need a tiny amount and once applied it lasts for days, not hours.  So a small tube of just 20ml will last for 8 to 9 weeks and then the tube itself is fully biodegradable.


Honestly, what is not to love about all of that? 


The original nuud cream was applied with your fingers but now they are transforming their tubes into sticks, with the help of their brand new applicator cap.


The launch is scheduled for April 7th, on Kickstarter, where backers will get the chance to pre-order their packs of tubes for a special offer, with each bundle containing the applicator caps.


At the time of writing they have raised over £44,000 so if you would like to get involved here's the Kickstarter link to back the project:


We look forward to coming back to you with an update in due course.


Thanks lovely people at nuud, this is an awesome product which deserves to be an even bigger hit!



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