Helly Hansen Solen Hoodie


The Helly Hansen LIFA Active Solen is a range of lightweight, high performance pieces that work fabulously well in hot weather to keep you cool and dry, with added sun protection courtesy of coffee grounds which have been added to the LIFA filament. 


Helly Hansen LIFA Active Solen Hoodie


We published our glowing review of the HH LIFA Active Solen T shirt a couple of weeks back and then moved onto the rather lovely HH LIFA Active Solen Hoodie, which is proving to be just as big a hit with us as the weather in the UK surpasses all expectations.


We might be in lockdown and training alone but we are making the most of our outside time and loving the weather.  Our strategy for living through this difficult time is to keep busy, keep focused and to remind ourselves of the Persian proverb that “this too shall pass”.  We have race dates in the diary for October and December and choose to believe they will take place.  So for now we are training with real purpose and loving the opportunity to put the Helly Hansen Solen range through its paces.


We have talked in detail about the fabrics which make the Helly Hansen Solen collection a bit special in our review of the Solen T shirt here, so we won’t go into that detail again but it is worth remembering that Helly Hansen, the masters of R&D with performance fabrics, have once again pushed the boundaries to develop functional fabrics that protect and redefine our expectation of performance.


Helly Hansen LIFA Active Solen Hoodie


The Solen range is all about keeping you cool and dry, thanks to the breathable and wicking properties of the fabric, 59% of which is recycled.  Add to that the UPF 50 sun protection, the result of their S.Cafe Coffee Ground Technology which permanently locks coffee grounds into the structure of LIFA fibres, and you have something that really stands out from the crowd.


We have loved wearing the Helly Hansen LIFA Active Solen Hoodie, the relaxed fit makes it easy to pull on and flattering with everything we have teamed it with; shorts, gym tights or jeans.  And we have really tested the promise that it is naturally odour resistant, wearing it for back to back sessions and can give that feature a big thumbs up.


Whether you want the extra protection of the hood because you are training outside or perhaps you like the comfort or style of hooded kit, the Helly Hansen LIFA Active Solen Hoodie is a highly versatile piece that will look great all through spring, summer and autumn and we feel sure we will be receiving compliments when we get to show it off to a wider audience than just our nearest and dearest!


The Helly Hansen LIFA Active Hoodie is light-weight, super-breathable, quick drying, odour resistant and offers serious sun protection.  Flattering enough to be casual wear but technical enough to support high intensity workouts in the heat of summer, this top is versatile and wonderfully wearable.


Sizes: XS-XL

Material: 59% recycled polyester – LIFA Active with UPF 50+

Colour: Glacier blue, White, Navy

Price: £50

Website: www.hellyhansen.com Helly Hansen LIFA Active-solen-hoodie 


Value for money: 9/10

Performance: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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