Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+


Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ have been nothing short of a revelation to us, the fit and feel is standout the best we have ever tried and we have been wearing and washing them almost constantly since we started our testing process.


Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ have been nothing short of a revelation to us, the fit and feel is standout the best we have ever tried


Straight out of the bag it is clear the Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ are a bit special, the feel of the fabric is incredibly light and luxurious, which belies the very supportive feel they give once on.  This is thanks to the overall quality of the fabric, with four way stretch assisted by the higher than average elastane content at 30%.  We have in the past described kit as fitting like a second skin, but honestly, Gore have taken that to a whole new level with these genuinely race-fit shorts.


The very special thing about the Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ is the design process, which started with the pad placement and then the fabric was added to that to ensure the pad stayed exactly where it should.  This is in direct contrast to the usual procedure where the pad is the final piece added to cycling shorts design.  Gore have called this their ‘Central Core Architecture’ tech and they are justifiably proud of the outcome.


The new process also works with the non-bib C7 shorts where Gore have a similar design concept, just without the straps.  For these they have a high and wide waistband, so it remains comfortable and accommodating, no matter what your body shape, fitness level, duration or intensity.


Critical to the success of the C7 range and very much in line with Gore’s ethos of keeping the pad as the start point for the creation of these shorts, is the quality of the pad itself.  The ‘expert long distance’ pad is seriously comfortable, despite its rather slimline look.  Gore has achieved this by using high density foam and varying the thicknesses just where you need it to give additional protection to high pressure points.  We had the opportunity to bank some longer rides with these shorts before the lock down and never once felt sore or numb.  Normally, when time in the saddle is high on back to back days, the general wisdom is to change shorts/pads to reduce the opportunity for problems but the Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ felt so darned good we just washed them and put them straight back on again.


Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ have been nothing short of a revelation to us, the fit and feel is standout the best we have ever tried


Interestingly, Gore have included a windproof but breathable panel at the front of the bib, which starts where the pad finishes and joins the waistband.  The purpose is to stop the cold from hitting the lower core area.  It was a nice bonus during the cooler weather and now that we have had the opportunity to test it in some hotter weather, we are pleasantly surprised to report it does not cause heat to build up on that area.  We love Gore’s Windstopper fabric and it seems there is always a role for it, whatever the season.


The leg length of Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ comes in at a just perfect (in our opinion) 20cm, which are lazer cut rather than hemmed and held in place with a narrow strip of silicone, and although they do not completely encircle the leg, we found them to be very effective.  No doubt that this is aided by the overall fit and design, and it all adds up to a feel that is difficult to describe.  If you ever doubted how important great kit was to great performance, these shorts could be something of an epiphany for you.


The bib straps are made from wide, flat, breathable material which sit comfortably against the body with just the right amount of tension.  The test for us is whether we are aware of them when riding and we were not, while of course the shorts themselves stayed perfectly in place.  The race ready promise of the Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ is borne out with a radio pocket and there are plenty of reflectives, which double up high profile branding opportunities.


I guess we have to mention the price at some point and this seems as good time as any, because although you can pay more than the RRP of £180 we believe that once you slip the Gore C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ on the overall fit and feel will quickly soothe any concerns you might have had when handing over your credit card details.  Wearing is believing!


So if you have some long distance adventures planned you will not regret a penny of the price you pay for these shorts.  We have awarded a rare 10 out of 10 for the performance because they are a cut above anything we have tested before and we have no hesitation in recommending them.



Gore have invested in a new design process for the C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ and combined that with high quality materials that have a truly luxurious feel.  The result is all day comfort and shorts that perform exceptionally well in a range of temperatures, whilst also looking and feeling quite amazing.  And if you like a coordinated look you will love the fact that the Gore C7 range includes a jersey, socks and gloves which we’ll be reviewing shortly.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: Black or Orbit Blue

Price: £119.99

Website: Gorewear.com Gore-c7-women-long-distance-bib-shorts


Performance: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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