Craft Women’s Essence Jersey


Craft Essence Bike Jersey Women is a beautifully designed form fitting, lightweight performance piece, with eco credentials that make you feel good on the inside.


Craft Essence Bike Jersey Women


The Craft Essence range promises everyday essentials which have been produced in a way that limits the impact on the environment, including recycled materials which are solution dyed, a process which uses less water, energy and chemicals compared to traditional processes – as such they make you feel good before you even put them on.


Don’t be fooled by the “everyday essentials” tag, these are still high quality performance pieces that are designed to be functional and stylish, whilst keeping you comfortable on the bike.  For sure Craft produce some really top draw kit – we know, we also have their Specialiste shorts and jersey on test – but Craft’s Essence range has really stood the test of time for us and we have banked some big miles whilst putting it through its paces.


The Craft Essence Shorts got a big thumbs up from us here and – spoiler alert – we are just as excited by the Craft Essence Jersey, which has really come into its own in this heat.  It is wonderfully light weight, with the luxurious feeling polyester fabric wicking away sweat at an impressive rate.  Apparently this is all thanks to the channel system in the fabric which moves moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates and is gone as if by magic.  We’ve been working hard enough on the bike to really test the functionality, so trust us when we tell you it does just what it promises and the SPF25+ is pretty handy too.


Craft Essence Bike Jersey Women


The cut of the Craft Essence Jersey is billed as “regular”, we would say it was plenty aero, perhaps not quite race fit but definitely a good close fit, which we liked and the length works well too – shorter at the front so that there is no rucking up when you are bent over the bars but with a nicely dropped tail to provide great lower back coverage.  Craft have included a wide band of elasticated fabric with light silicone print around the bottom edge at the back only to keep it all perfectly in place.


The collar is well thought out, dipping at the front so that it does not rub under the chin, and the neck is beautifully taped to ensure there is no chance of chafing there either.  Craft have done well with the pockets too; you get three deep pockets that allow for all the essentials to be packed in a balance way and there is a small zipped pocket for keys and an iPod, if that is your thing – Craft clearly think it might be because they have include a hole for the cord of your headphones to be fed through to run up to your ears on the inside of the jersey.


We absolutely loved the colour options for the Craft Essence Jersey and felt there was something to appeal to everyone.  We had Eon on test, which was a stunning duck egg blue, and there is also a bright pink on offer alongside a more conservative black, white and blaze (dark blue).  The different colours have slightly different echo credentials, with all but the pink version being solution dyed, but the pink jersey uses the recycled material – so either option reduces the impact on the environmental.


The Craft Essence Jersey is a timeless piece that will coordinate with the kit already in your cycling wardrobe to create a striking outfit and comes in at a very modest price tag.  Thoughtfully designed, this jersey is functional and truly fabulous to wear, with the eco-friendly USPs adding to the smile factor.


Sizes : XS-XXL

Colour: Blaze, Eon, Fame, White, Black

Price: £50

Website: Craft Essence Bike Jersey 


Performance: 8/10

Value for Money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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