LWRC League Round 1


On Sunday 28th March, a record field of around 40 riders took the start line at the Surrey League @ Goodwood races for the opening round of the London Women’s Cycle Racing League, sponsored by Look Mum No Hands.


With the first lap of the 2.4-mile circuit being neutralised this helped to bring the numerous novice riders up to speed, before proper racing action got underway.


While the novice riders were chaperoned around the course, the experienced racers battled it out at the sharp end of the bunch. The front group of racers from Pearson Cycles, Twickenham CC, Kingston Wheelers and others set a high pace which quickly fragmented the field into various chunks. Several women attempted to attack, in particular Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo) Lise Soerensen and Emily Bagnall (both Kingston Wheelers) but the windy conditions wouldn’t allow any successful breakaway.



Photos: Gavin Percy www.gavpercy.co.uk



Throughout the race Elise Sherwell tussled with Hannah Bowers (Team Mule-Bar Girls/AnaNichoola), notably during the two prime laps which were both won by the Pearsons lady.


Meanwhile, the mid-field of the race was still hotly contested for valuable points by the likes of Donna Le Blancq (Velo Sport Jersey), Ann Marshall (South Western RC), Bridget Malarkey (Addiscombe CC) and Liz Rice (London Phoenix).


Coming into the final lap, the front group, now whittled down to 10 riders still had everything to play for. With help from her Pearson Cycles clubmate Mathilde Pauls, Sherwell was able to launch an intense sprint for the finish line, which proved too strong for Bowers who had been marking the ex-rower during the 28-mile the race. Pauls completed the podium, while Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) who finished in fifth place, was the highest placed 4th category racer.



Photos: Gavin Percy www.gavpercy.co.uk 




Elise Sherwell: (Pearson Cycles) "I thoroughly enjoyed my first race of the season. Although the wind was blowing, the rain was not falling, so it was a great day to have a bike race. Lots of people were working hard on the front trying to make breaks happen, but because of the wind and various other reasons these were never really successful. In the end it came down to a sprint and I dug deep to stay ahead! The  next London Women's League race will have all categories so I expect some tougher competition, but I am pretty happy with winning the first ever London Women's League race."


Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo): “It was a massive day for women's cycle racing. I'd particularly like to thank the chaperones today who provided such an important role to the rookie riders. The three London Dynamo racing virgins who took part absolutely loved it.”


The Surrey League organisers and the promoting club, Dulwich Paragon were delighted with how the race went and were very impressed with the quality of the racing.





Photos: Gavin Percy www.gavpercy.co.uk


Full results:

Pos     Name Club/Team    Cat

1              Elise Sherwell    Pearson Cycles  3W         87           1:18:00

2              Hannah Bowers                Team MuleBar Girls        3W         84          

3              Mathilde Pauls  Pearson Cycles  3W         103        

4              Emily Bagnall      Kingston Wheelers          3W         72          

5              Astrid Wingler   London Phoenix               4VW      108        

6              Lise Soerensen                 Kingston Wheelers          3W         115        

7              Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo          4W         106        

8              Rebecca Slack    London Dynamo               3VW      95          

9              Tina Reid              Twickenham CC                4W         92          

10           Vikki Filsell          VC de Londres   4VW      85          

11           Jayne Rendall Hannan    Twickenham CC                4W         75          

12           Donna Le Blancq               Velo Sport Jersey             4W         78          

13           Sabine Homrighausen    Kingston Wheelers          4W         71          

14           Edie Bassy           Abergavenney RC            3W         101        

15           Clare Chambers                Twickenham CC                4W         76          

16           Sol Findley          Twickenham CC                4W         77          

17           Alexandra Marzec           London Phoenix               3W         109        

18           Tamar Vanderhaas          Brighton Mitre  4W         33          

19           Claire Summers                Dulwich Paragon CC        4W         70          

20           Melissa Brand    Pearson Cycles  4W         88          

21           Kyle Lindsey       London Dynamo               4W         96          

22           Charlotte Roberge           Dulwich Paragon CC        4W         80          

23           Charmaine Brown            Pearson Cycles  4W         90          

24           Anna Glowinski Team MuleBar Girls        4W         105        

25           Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo               4W         98          

26           Amy Jacobs        VC Jubilee           YA           99          

27           Helen Keaton    Pearson Cycles  4W         73          

28           Ann Marshall     South Western RC           3VW      74          

29           Antonia de Barton Watson          London Dynamo               4W         94          

30           Liz Rice  London Phoenix               3W         86          

31           Lisa Deefholts    Redhill CC            4VW      91          

32           Bridget Malarkey             Addiscombe CC                4W         114        

33           Nancy Gibson    Rollapaluza CC   4W         113        

34           Maria Balbi          Redhill CC            4W         107        

35           Francesca Farran-Lee     Twickenham CC                4W         93          

36           Joanna Le Cocq Velo Sport Jersey             4W         117        

37           Lydia Boylan       London Dynamo               4W         97          

dnf         Danielle Archer A3CRG  3W         119        



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