We hate putting on damp shoes the day after an epic ride, when our shoes have been drenched with rain, doused in mud and have had to be hosed off alongside the bike.  Owning a number or pairs of shoes is a luxury and so we usually resort to stuffing them with newspaper, finding somewhere warm for them and hoping for the best. 


Rarely are they dry in the morning and if you are struggling with motivation, this can be the final straw.  But there is solution and like many of the best, it is brilliantly simple and 100% natural.  Stuffitts are foot shaped shoe inserts, packed with aromatic eastern red cedar, enclosed in a dual-wick fabric outer.





You simply stuff them into your shoes after a ride and let them do their thing.  Independent tests showed that after just one hour they had absorbed an incredible 60% of the wetness, from a range of shoes that had been completely immersed in water for five minutes.  Give them over night to work their magic and we found our shoes were almost completely dry – apparently they are eight times as effective as leaving shoes to dry in air alone.


Of course, you don’t need to go out in the rain to get your shoes wet, any good ride will result in a bit of perspiration and this can lead to a build up of bacteria that can cause nasty smells.  We might like to think we sweat rose petals, but the reality is often less fragrant and any shoes used for exercise will potentially be a little bit smelly. 


As well as absorbing moisture, Stuffitts eliminate shoe odour causing bacteria and all of this adds up to better care for your shoes, which will make them last longer and, at the same time, ensure your feet stay healthy too.  They can be used over and over and over again – in any type of foot wear from trainers to ski boots – as the removable, wicking outer shell zips off and is washable.  Over a longer period of time, should you find the inserts are losing their ability to absorb moisture or stop odours, they are replaceable too.  They even have a handy little carry strap.


So there is no need to dread the feeling of putting on wet shoes, or to be afraid of the odours coming from your kit back after a weekend away.  In fact, we know of a few male riding partners who could do with a pair too – the perfect stocking filler!



Price: £24.95

Construction: 100% eastern red cedar shavings in a dual-wick fabric shell

Pack sizes: small, medium, large

Colour: Pink or black




Performance: 9

Value: 9


The most ingenious, all natural solution to the problem of wet or smelling cycling shoes.

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