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Cycle shoes? Check! Shorts and jersey? Check! Helmet? Check! Mitts? Check! Anything missing? Of course there is. Just like I would never leave for training or a race without any of these items, I would never consider leaving without a sports bra.


Despite what you might read in magazines, there are no muscles that you can work to prevent gravity taking a hold of your breasts. All that is there are ‘suspensory’ ligaments, called the ‘Coopers Ligaments’, which help the boobs to keep their shape. Like most things in life the ligaments are subject to wear via two main culprits; age and use! Sagging boobs are unfortunately inevitable but by not wearing a good fitting sports bra you are more than likely speeding up the process.


Shock Absorber bra



The correct bra will support your boobs and reduce movement, therefore restricting stretching of the ligaments and subsequent sagging. The benefits do not stop there however; if you have larger breasts then the correct sports bra can prevent painful bounce as well as neck and shoulder discomfort. Research has shown that the right bra can reduce movement by up to 50%. And above all, a sports bra is really the most comfortable option; riding with a normal bra would be like riding without a chamois in your shorts!


Hopefully we have convinced you that a proper fitting sports bra is a good thing. So now the natural question is which one? Bras are usually designed in one of two formats, the cupless crop top design - which hold the bust in position by compression - usually made from stretch fabric and the traditional style of bra, with cups that lift and separate giving shape and form.


A good fit is essential - firm and supportive but not so tight it restricts breathing. In recent years sports bras have benefited from the advance in high performance fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin and keep you dryer and cooler, softer fabric, easycare fabrics… the list goes on. What is important to remember is that every manufacturer is different and that your ‘normal’ bra size may not be right for a sports bra. My personal choice is Shock Absorber, they lead the market for research and their range covers all levels of activity - high intensity impact sports such as running demand a more supportive bra, whereas for yoga or pilates you can pull on a completely different design. Bras designed for racket sports have great lateral stability and support, due to the fast change in direction and pace, so bigger busted women may benefit from this type of bra, especially mountain bikers. Sports bra manufacturers really do cater for absolutely everything now, we found a 30E sized running bra the other day, which proves that every size is covered.


Would you consider skimping where a good helmet is concerned? Probably not! So don’t hold back for your boobs, if you do, gravity will be getting a hold of them before you know it!!


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