Nalini Lady Galloccia Long Sleeve Jersey


Getting out all your winter kit can be a bit depressing as it usually signals the start of lots of cold and wet winter miles. However the Nalini Lady Galloccia Long Sleeve Jersey will bring a little bit of sunshine to your winter wardrobe. The jersey comes in bright yellow, with flashes of white and black, with a floral design that is very eye catching and stylish without being too ‘girly’.


Nalini Galloccia jersey


When you first hold the jersey you will notice how light and soft it is. The top is 100% polyester made with comfortable MaxiSlit Garzato winter Lycra. The inside of the jersey is fleece lined for warmth and this also feels very luxurious next to your skin if you wear it over a short sleeved base layer.


The fit of the jersey is excellent, we liked the high collar and the length at the back, which together keep you covered and snug all the way from the neck to the lower back, even when you are on the drops.  If there is a negative it is that the sleeves seem a little short and can leave a small gap at the wrists. For colder rides we wore winter gloves with a larger cuff, or put a long sleeved base layer underneath to prevent this.


It has three rear pockets, all of which are easily accessible but none of which are zipped, so you need to be sure you stow keys and mobile carefully. There is a short zip on the front which is super easy to use, even with winter gloves on and when riding we found the top stayed in place well with an elasticated waist band.


We have tried this top with just a short sleeved base layer underneath for cooler rides and layered for when the temperatures drop further. In both cases it performs well and after a number of rides and subsequent washes, the jersey has maintained its colour and soft feel.


A nice light mid-range jersey that can be used in a variety of weather conditions. We particularly liked the bright design as being more visible on the road is an obvious bonus for all cyclists.


Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Price: £52.99

Colours: Yellow/white/black



Value: 7/10

Performance: 7/10


Tested by Cassie Gledhill


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