Craft Cool V-Neck Long Sleeve Base Layer


At Bike Envy we’re celebrating the arrival of summer by breaking out the shiny new Craft Cool base layer – we don’t care if this is another false start, we’re lapping it up.  Yes, we know that Aristotle would remind us “one swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day…” and he was a pretty smart chap, but let us enjoy this fine day and believe that there will be another.


Craft Cool V-Neck Long Sleeve Base Layer


The Craft Cool V Neck base layer is just perfect for this weather, because it works really hard to keep you cool in warmer conditions – yay for that!  It does that by combining different fabrics to perform different functions.  At the base of the neck and across the shoulders, there is a mesh panel which vents heat and perspiration, while the rest of the base layer uses a HEXA channelled fibre, which boasts a unique construction with six channels that actually pulls perspiration away from the body to help keep you cool.  It is a rather pleasant feeling - you can actually feel the cooling effect as sweat is taken away from your body while you are on the move.


Actually, we made the mistake of testing this on a cooler day and felt distinctly cold, so you can imagine we have been looking forward to the warmer weather to see how it feels in the conditions it was made for and we are really impressed.


The long sleeves give you protection from the sun as the fabric offers an ultra violet protection factor of 50+, while the v neck allows heat to escape from the front and keeps the neck area wonderfully open.


The fabric feels really soft next to the skin and the fit is close, not skin tight like some base layers.  Craft always pay close attention to the fit – their women’s specific range really does fit a proper female shape – and this base is no exception.  They call it an ergonomic 3D construction and it really does follow your every move on the bike, on your feet, or in the gym.


Sadly the colour choices are limited to black, with contrasting grey seams, or white, but we really liked it, especially with the Pro Cool odour resistant feature combined with washing it at 40 degrees, which made it so easy to look after.


A super functional base layer that combines high tech fabrics with a great fit, to keep you cool in warmer temperatures.

Sizes: XS to XXL

Colours: Black or white

Price: £34



Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10


Tested by Janet Birkmyre


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