Helly Hansen Pace 3/4 tights


The Scandinavian brand Helly Hansen is perhaps best known for technical clothing used by sailors, skiers and adventurers, because until now, they had not ventured into cycling specific kit.  We were really excited to try their new range and will be bringing you reviews for shorts and jerseys, but we start with their Pace 3/4 tights.


Helly Hansen Pace 3/4 tights


The tights are very striking to look at, but after a first glance we got up close and personal with the pad, knowing that if they had got this bit right, the rest would follow - Helly Hansen have been producing high performance textiles in stylish designs for years after all!


First impressions were good – certainly it looked like it should do the business.  Once on, it felt like might bunch up and feel awkward, but clearly they have got it just right, because on the bike it stayed perfectly in place and gave great protection.  For us, the pad is the most important part, and Helly’s is plush and comfortable for hours.  It’s aggressively ‘scored’ design means it folds neatly in all the right places and provides padding without bunching and fits snugly against your nether parts.


These tights are meant for the miles, too, with a flat wide waist band that does not dig into your stomach on the bike. In fact, overall the design is rather flattering, with vertical contrast seam lines on the front, you appear to lose a kilo when these go on!


The classic Helly stripes have been updated on these capris and form a chic reflective pattern up the leg, which reminds you of their heritage.


The only thing that surprised us was the shaped of the knees.  Rather than the usual fit for 3/4 tights which go over the knee and are held in pace with an elasticated band, Helly have styled these to stay in place without the need for gripper or elastic.  They are cut to follow the line of the leg and sit just over the knee.  The shaping itself is comfortable and, as a real bonus, avoids that behind-the-knee chafing that often comes with capris.  In addition, these have a strange mesh patch on the inside knee, which has an uncertain purpose, perhaps ventilation?  The hems could be grippier, as they don’t fit particularly tightly round the knee, but we found these capris super-comfortable on the bike and this is a detail barely noticed until we got to the post-ride cafe.


At £60, these tights are cheaper than our other long-ride favourites and easily as comfortable. The fabric is tough and substantial and they are clearly well made. Helly Hansen have made the sideways step into bike apparel with impressive ease.


Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colours: Black with white seams and logos

Price: £80.00

Website: hellyhansen.com



Performance: 8/10


Tested by Fi Wilson



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