Knog Milkman


The Knog Milkman is a simple steel cable lock, where the 2.2mm braided cable springs back into the colourful, but sturdy, body of the lock when released.  Knog gives you 90cm cable, just enough to thread through the frame of your bike, including back and front wheels and then wrap around something solid and permanent.


Knog Milkman


It is really simple to use, the cable pulls out from the scratch proof housing, gets wrapped around the bike and something that will anchor it to the spot (Knog suggest “any bolted-down fat-ass post”) and pushed into the spring loaded locking mechanism.  You hear a satisfying click as the 6.5mm locking pin engages with the lock and then you can just walk away. 


The Milkman comes with three keys, so you really should be able to lay your hands on one at short notice and Knog tell us there are over 1000 unique key variations, so the chances of someone else’s key fitting your lock will be extremely remote.


Importantly, the cable is PVC coated, so there is no danger of scratching or marking the bike and it has a small rubberised section at the end, which really helps with the handling, especially if you want to use it without taking your gloves off.


The unit is about the size of the palm of your hand (75x75x20mm), so it does not need much of a pocket to hide in when you are not using it and the whole kit and caboodle weighs in at just 110g.


It is not pretending to be cycling’s answer to Forte Knox and is certainly not enough to secure a bike overnight  - Knog have the Strongman and the Bouncer for that kind of work – but it is small, perfectly formed and just right for giving piece of mind if you want to pop into a shop or café.


As for the name, the Milkman, well Knog look at life a little bit differently and we love them for it!


Easy to use, light to carry and compact enough to fit into your back pocket, this is the perfect lock to use if you are leaving your bike while you have a quick coffee and a piece of cake to keep you going.


Size: 75x75x20mm

Colours: black/grey, pink/green, silver/green, teal/grey

Price: £19.99

Website:  Knog Milkman


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by: Jan Birkmyre



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