Proviz Nightrider Jacket with Triviz triangle


Proviz set a new standard in terms of offering high visibility clothing and accessories for cycling – if you want to be seen and stay safe, then theirs is the gear to wear.


Proviz Nightrider Jacket with Triviz triangle


The range includes jackets, vests, a messenger bag, rucksacks and covers, all of which can be combined with their USB rechargeable Triviz electroluminescent triangle for even more impact.


We tested the Night Rider jacket, with the Triviz triangle.  The jacket has wide reflective strips down the sides of the body and arms, as well as flashes over the shoulders and logos front and back.  On top of this, all of the piping and the zip are reflective, so if you are caught by a car’s headlights from any angle, you are going to light up like a beacon! Oh and one of the colour options is hi-vis yellow as well, in for a penny…


But Proviz don’t simply rely on reflected light to draw attention to the cyclist.  All of their products also incorporate electroluminescent strips which actually light up.  The light comes from organic, specially treated phosphor, which glows when a small electrical charge is run through it.  So there are no bulbs to break and the strips themselves are flexible and waterproof.


The light emitting strips on the jacket require two AA batteries, which sit in a pack that tucks neatly into a pocket on the inside of the jacket.  This pack has an on / off switch that is really easy to use.  Switch it on and four strips that run down the front and back of the body are light up and the effect is most impressive and must seriously reduce the option for “SMIDSY” type accidents.


Proviz Nightrider Jacket with Triviz triangle illuminated


Attach the Triviz triangle to the back of the jacket, or to the Proviz rucksack, and you ratchet your visibility up to another level again.  Fixed with super strong Velcro, the triangle fitted very securely to the jacket and we loved that it was charged through a USB plug.  It weighs just 120g, so once it is on, you really don’t think about it at all and it offers three modes: flash, fast flash or constant, running for 12 hours in constant mode and over 16 when flashing.


The overall effect is truly dazzling and this feels like a must have system for any commuter.


The jacket itself is a shell, with a wicking mesh liner and we tested it during some truly horrible commuting weather and found it to be very waterproof and breathable too.  The collar has a soft fleece lining to it and is high enough to give good protection to the neck.  We were however, slightly less impressed with the fit.  We tested a medium and found the arms a good length, but the body is cut square, which means it can bellow out a bit at the waist, which can get a bit drafty.  On the plus side, there is plenty of room for layering, but be warned, it is far from flattering and not very aerodynamic.


There is a roomy, secure, zipped pocket at the back and the jacket is cut with a slightly dropped tail.  Whilst it certainly helped to keep our lower back and bum covered, we would have liked this to have dropped down a little more.


However, for us, the unparalled visibility offered by this jacket outweigh our concerns with the fit – if you cycle after dark, you will feel very much safer wearing this and the lack of styling will quickly become irrelevant – a superbly bright jacket, which works well with other items in the Proviz range – a great investment for commuter safety.


Sizes: 10 – 16

Colours: Black, pink, yellow

Price: £59:99

Website: Proviz or - womens cycling


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Reviewed by Fiona Wilson and Jan Birkmyre


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