Want to ride a sportive?


If riding a sportive is one of your goals for 2014 and you would like a bit of advice on how to prepare, then we can help.  We have got together with the people at Human Race who are the team behind the women only Macmillan Cycletta ride series and the famous Wiggle Dragon Ride to bring you a training plan, along with a list of events that are particularly welcoming to women.


Macmillan Cycletta


Let’s start by ensuring we have a common understanding of exactly what a sportive is.  Essentially it is an organised, mass-participation cycling event.  Typically routes are well sign-posted and sometimes even marshalled and riders will be able to use feeding stations at intervals along the route to replace food and drink supplies and attend to mechanical issues.  So it is a safe and friendly environment for you to ride your bike and perhaps achieve something awesome.


You don’t have to commit to riding hundreds of kilometres, but you can if you want!  Cycletta rides vary in distance from 20km to 100km and the Dragon Ride, which our intrepid reporter Pam Wilson rode for the first time last year, offers routes from 45km to 300km, along with some of the most stunning scenery you can possibly imagine. 


You can read about her experience here.  In fact she enjoyed it so much she has already signed up for the 2014 edition and she will be telling us all about it once she has caught her breath.


There are six Cycletta events, the first one running alongside the prestigious Dragon Ride and you can find details here humanrace.co.uk - Cycletta


Macmillan Cycletta at the Wiggle Dragon Ride - 8th June 2014

Macmillan Cycletta Bedfordshire - 29th June 2014

Macmillan Cycletta New Forest - 21st September 2014

Macmillan Cycletta Cheshire - 28th September 2014

Macmillan Cycletta Scotland - 5th October 2014

Macmillan Cycletta Surrey - 12th October 2014


Next week we will publish a training plan that will help you prepare.  This training plan has been put together by Dermott Hayes the head coach at R G Active, the official training partner of Human Race events.  


Cycletta women



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