Cyclists' habits and top tips


New consumer research undertaken by Wiggle, the world’s leading online cycling and tri-sport retailer, through its innovative #goodstuff social media hub has provided insight into the habits and behaviours of UK cyclists – as well as revealing their top tips and ‘good stuff’ ideas for a successful ride.



Cyclists’ Favourite Food To Take On A Ride?

Top snack to take on a bike ride was the banana with 31% of the vote, followed by jelly sweets (6%) and flapjacks (6%).


Most Important Thing To take Out On A Ride?

Riders listed tools for roadside repairs, especially punctures (28%); water and  food (22%) and a phone for emergencies (13%) as the most important items to take out on a ride.


The Best Bit Of Cycling Advice You Have Been Given?

18% of respondents highlighted the importance of a well fitting bike. Padded shorts also figured highly with 11% of respondents flagging the importance of padding to combat saddle soreness. 8% said the best advice was to just keep cycling!


Favourite Place To Ride In The UK?

The Surrey Hills (5%), the Lake District (4%), Yorkshire (4%), the Peaks (3%) and Cornwall (3%) were revealed as the most loved places to cycle.


Of the results of the survey, Adam Ryan, Wiggle Head of Brand Marketing says, “British cycle success on the road and in the velodrome has led to a new phase in the UK’s love affair with cycling. There’s a great rise in the number of people coming to the sport, which is great, but it’s our job to help give cyclists the best possible advice we can so their experience on two wheels is as good as it can be.


The purpose of the survey was to get as much good advice as possible from cyclists to re-cycle amongst new and existing cyclists. The enthusiastic response demonstrates just how passionate cyclist are about the sport.”



And finally cyclists’ words of wisdom…


When asked what they wished they had known when they started cycling, cyclists’ answers included:


‘How good and friendly cycling clubs were to new cyclists!’


 ‘Whatever the weather, just ride’


 ‘Don't put up with uncomfortable kit! Saddles, shorts or shoes - whatever it is if you don't get on with it then change it; you'll be able to ride for longer in more comfort’


‘It will break and you can fix it’


‘A 25 tooth cog wasn’t enough!’


 ‘Anglesey isn’t flat’



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