Free2Cycle has launched a nationwide health and wellbeing initiative which aims to encourage more people to ride to work than ever before, by making bikes available that are paid for simply by using them.


Commuting with Free2Cycle


We love this concept which is wonderfully straight forward; sponsors, such as employers or charities, can encourage people or team members to cycle by funding their commute mileage at a rate of 20p per mile achieved.  The benefit to sponsors is knowledge of the carbon savings they are helping to deliver as well as the healthier, happier and appreciated team members, which will mostly likely have greatly reduced sick days too.


Cyclists wishing to join the initiative will not have to give up any of their salary, instead paying for the bike with pedal power. Sponsors fund the bike on behalf of the cyclist, as long as the cyclist is sticking to their mileage commitment, therefore revolutionising the way we expect to earn or pay for the bike. Free2Cycle expects to attract new, previously ignored individuals to cycling, and make a significant impact on the fitness of our society.


“We’ve introduced an effective model that rewards cyclists and is extremely beneficial to sponsors,” said CEO of Free2Cycle, Eric Craig. “We are very excited about the potential of enabling more people to use bikes, not simply owning them, and the difference that it can make to a healthier, happier society and an improved environment.”


Free2Cycle have signed agreements with a wide range of suppliers with the view of offering a large range of bikes for cyclists to choose from.  The value of the bike is based on the cyclists’ mileage pledge. For example, a daily commute of just 9 miles each way will fund a bike to the value of £1,600 by pedal power alone. If a cyclist would like to upgrade their bike, they can do so by chipping in with a single or monthly financial contribution, with a maximum upgrade of £1,000 (bikes capped at £2,750). In this way cyclists have the freedom to choose a bike to suit their style and budget. Free2Cycle funding budget makes e-bikes and the prospect of ‘no sweat’ cycling within reach


If you would like more information or to sign up visit


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