Nopinz SubZero kit


Nopinz have launched SubZero, the world’s first indoor specific cycling kit that actively cools core temperature.  In our opinion UK based Nopinz, the innovative racewear brand, has launched something rather special with this range which combines super-premium kit and frozen gel packs to keep the core temperature down while cycling indoors.


The Nopinz SubZero range helps to manage thermal stress and improve performance


2020 has seen an explosion in indoor training and racing.  During the lockdown many retailers sold out of turbo trainers and the race / training app, Zwift, now boasts 2.5 million accounts registered across 190 counties.  It was during this time that Nopinz founder Blake Pond got thinking about solutions to overheating while training indoors.


Blake told us, “As a competitive cyclist I’m constantly seeking new ways to enhance my performance and I knew there must be a more effective way than relying purely on cooling fans, so I decided to try putting ice packs into my kit to help me stay cool and boost my performance.  The concept worked so well that it had to be part of our new indoor kit range and SubZero was born.  Initial signs among our own athletes have been very promising! This doesn’t come as a surprise as many studies show that keeping your body temperature down allows you to perform at your best for longer, so we feel we’ve provided an additional solution to an existing problem for many athletes.”


Nopinz launches the world’s first indoor cycling kit that actively cools core temperature


There is something wonderfully simple and yet clearly ground-breaking about the Nopinz SubZero range, which is based around high performance cycling kit with carefully placed pockets that allow frozen gel packs to be held next to the body in key areas: between the shoulders, across the lower back and up the forearms.  It harks back to the age old solution used by roadies where socks were filled with ice cubes, these were then wrapped around the neck or put down the back of the jersey – quite effective outside but inside you’ll find it gets very messy very quickly!


We have the full Nopinz SubZero range on test, it consists of bib shorts, race-suits and sweatbands, along with two sets of replaceable frozen gel packs and a cool bag for storage.  We have not had a chance to put this kit through our usual rigorous testing process yet, with just one VO2 Max session completed so far but we thought we would share our first impressions now and then come back with a detailed review once we have done a few more sessions, as we prepare for a world record attempt in December – lockdown permitting obviously.


Straight out of the box we were blown away by the quality of the Nopinz SubZero kit; it is incredibly lightweight, with mesh panels everywhere except where you need a more dense weave for the purposes of modesty.  It is clear that this kit will allow for sweat to move away from the body and in addition, we noted the quality of the pad.  There can be no compromises here for kit that will be used for training indoors, when you are likely to spend more time seated - without a really good pad it is easy to get numb in places that really should never lose feeling.


So the quality of the Nopinz SubZero kit is without a doubt top of the range.  In fact we have had the opportunity to test their skinsuits before and can wholeheartedly endorse their cycling kit.  Sliding the frozen gel pack into the appropriate pockets is simple and you are good to go.  The gel packs take just two hours in a freezer to chill and we have two sets, so for longer session we can pop a fresh set in after an hour or so.  Thoughtfully the second set will be stored in an insulated bag until they are needed – it really feels like Nopinz have thought of everything.


The continuous cooling effect should keep us cool and comfortable, as well as helping us avoid dehydration – we can hardly wait to try it and we don’t often feel that way about training indoors. Products start from £29.99 and are available for worldwide shipping.  The range can be seen here for now and in the meantime think of us trying to work up a sweat all in the name of testing - we’ll be back with our review shortly.



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