Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator


The Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator is beautifully tailored and wonderfully versatile City Chic jacket, that is super warm and 100% recyclable, so you can look good and feel even better.  The key to Helly Hansens’s sustainable approach is to produce clothing that can be worn and loved over and over again, before being passed on and eventually recycled, a circular process that is made easier thanks to their decision to use just one material for the shell, lining and insulation.


The Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator is beautifully tailored and wonderfully versatile City Chic jacket, that is super warm and 100% Recyclable


There is so much that we love about the Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator that it is quite honestly tough to know where to start but since Helly have gone big on the recycling message we thought that was as good a place as any. 


Recycling in the textile industry is gathering momentum but it still has some way to go both in terms of consumer awareness and facilitation by manufacturers.  It is however not something we can continue to ignore because according to the study “A New Textile Economy” published by the Ellen McArthur Foundation back in 2017, the clothing industry is among the most polluting on the planet.  It labels the current model “take-make-dispose” and puts a figure of approximately USD500 billion on the value lost every year as a result of clothing being barely worn and rarely recycled.  The shocking conclusion of the report is that “if nothing changes, by 2050 the fashion industry will use up a quarter of the world’s carbon budget.”


So it is refreshing to see our most favourite brand take the initiative both in terms of consumer education as well as manufacturing process and the Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator brings all of that to life.  Typically only 1% of the materials used to produce new clothing come from used clothing, but for this beautifully designed jacket Helly Hansen have used a stunning 98% of recycled materials, rising to 100% for the insulation.


Helly Hansen have used a stunning 98% recycled materials, rising to 100% for the insulation


Of course this is just part of the story, as consumers we need to take responsible decisions and buy our clothing from manufacturers we trust to respect the human rights of the people who work with them and who think about the long term impact on environment.  We also need to avoid “fast fashion”, the habit of buying cheap garments that are worn only a few times before being discarded, as well as making a commitment to donate or recycle our clothes when we are done with them.


One thing we are sure of is that we won’t be passing our Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator on any time soon – sorry but it's just too lovely!  It is lightweight, fabulously warm and fits beautifully over a fleece.  It is also is incredibly versatile as it looks equally fantastic with smart outfit as it does thrown on over jeans or gym kit.  We have only had ours a few weeks and already it is a firm favourite and the source of countless compliments.


The fit is relaxed without being baggy and Helly Hansen have included a number of features which we have come to expect from a business which has been committed to producing protective clothing for people in the harshest environments for over 140 years.  To that end, the seams are beautifully finished and bound with fabric, the sleeves are lightly elasticated to keep the cold out and there are two perfectly sized hand pockets.  There is also an inside pocket, secured with a button that is perfect for a wallet or a phone. 


One of the most interesting features is the way the channels which hold the insulation are formed without any stitching and they are double weave too which ensures none of the insulation escapes, a system we have found to be very effective.  Overall it is exceptionally well designed, exquisitely put together and is undoubtedly built to last.


All told, the Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator is a jacket that will keep you snug all through autumn and winter, while working for cooler days in spring too.  Just now we are layering it over a micro-fleece but the medium we have will easily allow for a heavier mid-layer on colder days and the insulation really packs a punch, so this jacket can be worn with very light layers and still offer exceptional warmth.  We have found that it offers great protection against the wind and is seriously breathable too.  It is not billed as being water-proof but it does boast Helly’s DWR treatment, so we know from experience that it will give protection from light rain.


So if you are looking for a jacket that is designed for a circular manufacturing model, where textiles are recycled at the end of their life and used to create new garments, by a company which is committed to minimising their impact on the environment and respecting the human rights of the people who work for them.  And you demand clothing that delivers all of that with no compromises to the quality or performance, in a design that will look great year after year, then the Helly Hansen Mono Material Insulator is for you.  We’ve awarded it a 10 out of 10 because we could not find fault.


Recycle, donate or resell just don't throw it away!


Sizes: XS-XL

Material: 100% recycled insulation

Colour: Arrowood, Pelican, Ash Rose, Beluga, Black

Price: £160

Website: Hellyhansen Mono Material Insulator


Value for money: 10/10

Performance: 10/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre


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