Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless Pants


The Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless range features Merino wool combined with Helly’s own LIFA fabric, in thermally mapped, seamless designs, which optimise body temperature during high intensity activities in cooler weather.  Just what we need right now!


Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless Pants


Feeling cold is no fun, it saps the motivation and really adds to the training stress.  What’s more it is completely unnecessary because with the right layers you can keep warm and dry, and enjoy the glorious outdoors come rain or shine.  Obviously, we are following guidelines, but getting out side to exercise has never been more important to us and it was pretty high up the priority list before we went into lockdown.


With the run of bitterly cold weather, we have found ourselves reaching for the same favourites time after time - the Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless Base and Pants.  The base received a rave review from us here back in November and we love it even more now than we did then because it has kept us warm through some really cold days. 


Over the course of the winter we have been teaming the base with the Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless Pants for protection on the lower body.  The truly awesome thing about the PRO LIFA Seamless range is the lightness of the fabric, we have layered the pants under waterproof trousers for walking or under winter longs for runs and found the extra layer of Helly Hansen loveliness boosts the warmth whilst also stepping up the wicking of moisture if you break a sweat.


The key to both temperature and moisture management is down to the combination of Merino wool on the exterior of the base, teamed with Helly’s high tech LIFA fabric next to the skin.  This results in a lightweight, soft and stretchy fabric that is testament to the R&D Helly Hansen continue to invest in textile development.


Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless Pants


In keeping with the base layer, the Helly Hansen Women’s H1 PRO LIFA Seamless pants also boast smart thermal mapping, a process in which Helly Hansen identify exactly where the greatest insulation is required and then use a more dense weave for warmth.  And where heat might otherwise build up there are tiny laser cut holes.


Of course the Helly Hansen H1 PRO LIFA Seamless pants slip on and fit close to the skin with enough stretch to ensure you do not give them a second thought once on, and legs are a lovely 7/8th length too.


The Helly Hansen H1 PRO LIFA Seamless base and pants deliver lightweight all body warmth and have allowed us to keep active outside in the worst of the winter weather.  Essential kit for maintaining good mental health in these crazy times! 


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: Blue Tint or Black

Price: RRP £100

Weblink: www.hellyhansen.com - PRO LIFA seamless-pant


Performance: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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